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What happens when humans have left the planet, leaving the flora and fauna to fend for themselves? Endangered species have decided to hone their skills to prevent extinction. Play in the treacherous mountain map where one wrong move can mean doom or the fast-moving desert map where the ground literally shifts beneath your feet.

Go up against up to three of your friends online as you try to knock them out of the fighting stage in this fast pace brawler! Experience the intensity of the chaotic Free-for-All battle as you play as endangered species, each designed with unique fighting mechanics and personality.

Endangerous is perfect for both casual and experienced fighting game fans alike.

Key Features:

  • Unique fighters with distinctive fighting styles!

 Swing your powerful punches and uppercuts as the boxing Cactus, or unleash tempestuous wind storms as the swift Crane!

  • Quick and short brawling action!

String combos to deal damage to your opponents and knock them off the platform!

  • Beautiful environment and characters!

Fighters are hand-drawn and fully animated against the visually stunning backdrops!

  • Pulse-pumping Soundtrack!

Stay alert on the action as you listen to the adrenaline-filling original soundtrack!

About Development:

This game was developed as a student project at the National University of Singapore.

How to Play


Before starting the game, please ensure that your system is connected to the Internet. Else the game room could not be created.

Lobby Screen:

After starting the game, set your nickname in Options before clicking ‘Online Play’. You only need to set this once. Or you can keep the default random username.

When playing with friends (max 4 players in a game), choose one person to be the host. 

  1. The host creates the room with a special room name (defaults to a random string)
  2. The other players join the room using the same room name
  3. In the lobby, you can see the names of the other players in the room
  4. The host clicks the ‘Start’ button to start the game after all players have joined
Character Select:

Click on the character’s portrait to select it.

You will be able to see the characters the other players have chosen, as icons with their player number will appear on their selected character.

Once you have confirmed your selected character, click ‘Confirm’. You can click 'Unconfirm' to select a different character before the host clicked 'Next'.

When all players have confirmed their selection, the 'Next' button will appear on the host's screen. Click on it to advance to Stage Selection.

Stage Select:

Click on the image of the stage that you want to fight on and then click ‘Confirm’. You may select another stage before the host clicks 'Next'. Confirm your choice by clicking ‘Confirm’.

The game will randomly choose a room from the ones selected by players. More players selecting a room -> higher chance of it being chosen.


Start the fight!

Default Controls

Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Dash

X - Heavy (Charged) Attack

C - Light Attack

Space - Jump

Z while airborne - Aerial Dash

X while airborne - Aerial Recovery

C while airborne - Air Attack

Esc/P - Options Menu

Note: Controls can be re-mapped anytime in the Options Menu.

Specific aspects of our game to be tested

Please give us as detailed feedback as possible on how the character controls feel! Especially little things you notice that may affect gameplay.

We also welcome feedback on the UI flow.

Please let us know if the animations clearly display what you want to do. Are they too short or too long? 

Do you feel like your hits aren’t connecting? (Are the character hitboxes the right size)

Find us at https://indiepandasgames.wixsite.com/website


Endangerous_Windows.zip 56 MB
Endangerous_Mac.zip 71 MB
Alternate download link
Endangerous Poster.png 941 kB

Install instructions

1. Download and extract zip file

2. Click on Endangerous.exe to start the game!


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Awesome and addictive game with cute characters

Love this game! It's super fun to play with friends

wow the aesthetics are amazing and the gameplay is fun! good job!